Family History

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CSIFFÁRY (of ifáre and Paa)

The Csiffáry family comes from the county of Nitra, from the villages of ifáre and Paa.  Three members of the family, István Csiffáry, his wife Magdolna Bosoky and his brothers Gergely and András were ennobled on 27 May 1649 by Ferdinand III of Habsburg in Bratislava, Slovakia.  News of the ennoblement reached the county of Nitra in the same year.

During the royal census in the years 1754/55 Márton Csiffáry, his sons András, István, Ferenc and János as well as his brother Gergely and his sons János and Imre proved their noble title by verifying their direct connection to their father János and grandparents Gergely Csiffáry and Ilona Pallya, who were ennobled in 1649. 
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