The website that you have just accessed describes the history and presence of the Csiffáry family from ifáre and Paa from its ennoblement until the present day.  Csiffáry family member Gergely from ifáre and Paa County Nitra, Slovakia, Europe was ennobled on 27 May 1649 by Ferdinand III, Holy Roman Emperor  and the family became a member of county of Nitra's noble community.

The documents presented on these website represent an extensive genealogical research into the ancestry of my family that has been neglected for the last five decades of 20th century. Today, interest in one's family history is a widespread phenomenon reaching to all sections of society.

The aim of the work was not to describe facts chronologically but through a chronological structure show a mosaic of family history.  We provide the users of this site with information  about the political situation in Central Europe and the Habsburg monarchy in the first half of the 17th century when the Csiffáry family was ennobled, and describe the history of the villages of ifáre and Paa and their noble families.  Finally, we focus on the pedigree and the most well-known members of the family.  Based on complex genealogical research of the documents remaining in archives, Dr. Antal Hendek and Karol Csiffáry jr. have described the direct family line of those Csiffáry family members currently living.  This does not mean that the work is complete.

We would like to encourage, everyone whose family name is Csiffáry, in case they have documents or they are aware of any facts that could help us in the future to develop the extent of our work, to contact us at: .  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, and you need Javascript enabled to view it.

In addition, we would be pleased, if any member of the Csiffáry family from ifáre and Paa can connect themselves to the pedigree presented on this website.  In which case, if they can prove their connection to the family, according to the ancient royal and Hungarian law, they will have the right to use the noble title.